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Mar 18th 2022

In a word "EXCELLENT"

imeshh is an absolute must for anyone from hobbyist to professional. They have a large library of both materials and assets for use in archviz which grows month by month and these are of the highest quality. They have some...

Chris Airey
Mar 16th 2022

IMeshh should be part of your toolset

IMeshh is an excellent resource that's getting better by the month. It's particularly aimed at Blender archviz users but I could see it being useful in other applications too. I often st...

Chris Jones
Jan 8th 2022

Just the better archviz stuff !

Just one year on blender after years on sketchup, i try so many way to improve my render, free stuff, paid subscription too expensive etc.. and i found imeshh ! Awesome price/quality stuff !!!

Mar 10th 2022

I Would recommend this compa

I found iMeshh when starting a project for a client. Had to do interior design for bedrooms, made detailed bed models, but had to populate the bedroom and adjecant rooms, thats where iMeshh came in. This helped tremendously both in terms of time saving...

Artur Prip
Jan 7th 2022

What a great find!

I have been with Imeshh for over a year now and could not be happier. High quality models and textures with great attention to details, while maintaining computer resource efficiency. New uploads every month and the ability to modify, ensures that I have mo...

Gunter H
Jan 3rd 2022

Gorgeous photorealistic models at an amazing price

I absolutely LOVE iMeshh! The 3D models are some of the best, most photorealistic I've seen, and at a terrific price. The style of the iMeshh models is my signature style - clean, modern, Scandinavian - and an excellent selection to choose from...

Katie Korwal

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