Another great video by InspirationTuts.

In this video, he explains some key points needed for Blender to become industry standard. I personally would love for the studio I work in sometimes to switch to Blender, but I know that the switch wouldn’t be a light decision. For them, they have spent 10’s of thousands on plugins and assets for 3DS max, and for them to switch, the benefits of switching needs to greatly outweigh the time it takes them to convert their assets for Blender.
There also needs to be support for amazing plugins such as ForestPack which is extremely powerful in 3DS, but Blender forcing all plugins to make their code publicly available is slowing that process down.
Finally, as 3DS has been around as industry standard for such a long time, there are places online where you can get incredibly high-quality 3DS assets at very low prices and this needs to come to Blender too. That is what we are trying to do here at iMeshh.

I’m not saying it will not happen, Blender is absolutely making strides to making this happen, but as InspirationTuts mentioned, it will be a gradual process. Perhaps this studio will make one or 2 projects solely in Blender and spend 1 or 2 years increasing the use of Blender over 3DS.

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