About Us

We know what it is like trying to make a living as a freelancer and that is how our platform started. Initially as a place where you can buy cheap high quality assets from our Token store, and now also as a place where artists can sell their own products for at a very minimal cost.



Meet the founders



Our story

Okay this looks like a dating profile, but never mind.

We both met on Instagram after sharing our love for Corona Render with Blender

Eventually we both realised we loved making 3D models and suddenly iMeshh was born. 
25,000 downloads later, and we are still going strong and have an amazing community behind us. 

Because we have our own platform for selling 3D assets, we looked into selling our assets on other platforms too but was absolutely shocked with the commission rate. Why the hell do websites need to charge 60% for a sale!?
And so, the iMeshh Marketplace was born.

We wanted to make this for the every day artist who just wants to make a living online without the need for negotiating any exclusivity contracts, needless commission and fees.

If we can cover the costs of our website hosting then we will continue until the day we die. Freedom to sell assets with as little cost as possible should already be the industry norm, and we so we hope we can create that movement.