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  • Is there an option to bulk download? Or download everything in one go?

    No. Offering huge 100's of GB files for all our users to download in one go will use a lot of our web hosting resources.

    We operate like any other online digital assets store, except iMeshh Exclusive users are free to browse the store and download any imeshh exclusive product they like.

    We have recently added download buttons to the shop page itself to make downloading far far easier for our customers.


  • You bought something from a Vendor but can't find the download?

    If the payment went through and you made it to the order page, please give it a few minutes.

    If nothing changes after a couple of hours, this usually means the payment has been set to On Hold. This means the vendor has not set their PayPal to accept foreign currencies.

    Please contact the seller directly to ask if they can check and approve the payment. Their email can be found on their shop page next to their Profile Picture.

    iMeshh does not take any cut of the sale and the money goes direct to the seller, this means we can not check this for you. We can however check the order status's and the product listings.

    If the seller does not respond and accept the payment, we can look into other methods such as releasing the product manually on our end.

  • You need an invoice

    If you purchased something from a vendor, please contact them directly. Their email and contact info can be found on their shop page.

    If you purchased iMeshh Exclusive, please contact us and we will create one for you ASAP.

    Please supply the product owner with the details you would like to be on the invoice.

  • Does iMeshh take commission?

    iMeshh really want you to succeed so iMeshh does not take any commission or fees for any sale. The money you earn goes straight into your or PayPal account. Stripe then takes a small transaction fee. This is usually around 1.5% depending on your location, or 3.5% for PayPal, but please be sure to check out their pricing page for more information.

    Stripe and PayPal takes a small fee because like any payment gateway, or any bank transfer method (internationally), they need to make money to keep their services running. However, because iMeshh does not take any fees, you'll be getting the best sale rate from any online store!

  • How do I link Paypal

    Linking to Paypal can be done in only a couple of minutes.

    1. Turn your PayPal account into a business account. This just means you can add a system to receive payments or create your own shop.
      This takes about 30 seconds
      1. Make sure that your business account accepts foreign currencies, So people from other countries can purchase your products without any issues
    2. Go to this link and click "Request an API Signature"
    3. Go to the vendor dashboard
    4. Click Settings on the left side menu
    5. Copy and paste your API Username, Password and Signature from PayPal into your iMeshh Dashboard
      Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Payments > Paypal
    6. Click save at the bottom right of the screen

    Note: This MUST be entered correctly and consist of your API username, password and Signature, or you will not receive payments and your buyers will not receive your products

  • How to set up Stripe payments

    NOTE: It is very important to set up payment details first before uploading a product

    1. Go to the vendor dashboard
    2. Click Settings on the left side menu
    3. Click Payment on the sub-menu
    4. Make sure Stripe is showing in the dropdown
    5. Click Connect to Stipe (if this option is not visible, toggle the preferred payment method on and off)
    6. Fill in this short form and authorize access to the account at the bottom - This allows iMeshh to send the money over to you

      Alternatively, you can sign into a pre-existing Stripe account using the link at the top right of the form.

    7. Now every time you sell a product, the money will go straight into your Stripe account!
  • How to upload a product

    Simply head to this link and fill in the form with as much detail as possible about your product.

    Be sure to look over the Terms and Conditions page to make sure the product you are uploading follows these rules. For example here are a selection to note:

    • The product must be your own and not contain any copyrighted material
    • The product images are an accurate representation of the product you are selling
    • Must not contain any personal information or data without consent from this person.

    If you think we are missing a category, get in touch and we can look into this for you.

  • How do I customise my store?

    Head to the settings page:

    Click on "Store" and then fill in the details you want for your store. Make sure to add a logo and banner for extra personalization!

    More personalizations coming in the future!

  • How do I render a product for selling?

    We have put together a simple lighting set up which should render your products very nicely for publishing onto the store.
    Please check it out! Once downloaded, just append your new product into the scene and hit render.

  • Where are my 3D products stored?

    Products you upload are saved onto a Digital Ocean storage system which is held outside of iMeshh for extra security. They, like Amazon S3 have incredibly secure and reliable servers.

    Here are some of their security measures

    • 24/7 Physical security guard services
    • Physical entry restrictions to the property and the facility
    • Physical entry restrictions to our co-located datacenter within the facility
    • Full CCTV coverage externally and internally for the facility
    • Biometric readers with two-factor authentication
    • Facilities are unmarked as to not draw attention from the outside
    • Battery and generator backup
    • Generator fuel carrier redundancy
    • Secure loading zones for delivery of equipment

    Click here to see more information

  • How do I access my store?

    Click on "My Store" at the top left of the vendor dashboard.
    The Vendor dashboard can be accessed through the "My Account" page.

  • Can I download anything with the Exclusive plan?

    Only products with the "Exclusive Label" can be downloaded as part of the iMeshh Exclusive plan.

  • How do I download iMeshh Exclusive Products?

    To download iMeshh Exclusive Products, please go to the product with the Exclusive label. 

    On the product page will have a download button. If you have an active iMeshh Exclusive subscription, you can download this product instantly.

  • Do vendors products have the same usage rights as iMeshh's own products?

    Vendors may have their own resale terms. If they do not specifically specify their own usage terms on their product pages, then they will by default use the iMeshh store terms mentioned in more detail in the below points.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Absolutely. There is no strict contract and you can cancel at any time.

    Please be aware that if you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to download any more iMeshh Exclusive products.
    Please be sure to download as may products as you like from the site, before you cancel.

  • Is your payment method safe?

    We use Stripe payments which, like PayPal, is a leader in online payments. 

    Update: Due to much requests we have also included PayPal as a payment option which also is required by law to offer safe money transfers.

  • What is the refund policy?

    All buyers will contact the seller of the product if they require a refund. iMeshh does not intervene, as long as the product uploaded does not break our own rules (for example, selling an fake product with no actual download)

    iMeshh is just a platform to allow our Vendors to sell their products. Just like a car boot sale, if you buy a defective product, you go to the seller itself and not the manager of the car boot sale.

  • Can I sell your models if I put my own textures with it?

    Sorry but the models you purchase are for your own use only. You cannot sell our models

  • How many new products are added to the site each month?

    We will be releasing 30 new iMeshh exclusive products each month.

    If you have an active subscription, you will be able to download all of these new products completely free of charge.
    If, however, you cancel your subscription, you will no longer get access to existing or new products. So please be sure to download all products before cancelling.

  • Can I modify your models and then resell them?

    Sorry but also no. Even if you want to modify them “quite a lot”, that is still a subjective amount and hard to specify so it is forbidden to modify our models by any amount and re-sell them.

  • Can I continue to use your models after I end subscription?

    Even if you live past 100, those are your models to use forever (or as long as iMeshh is alive, we hope we will still be here in 100 years in some form). Just don’t resell them and it’s all good.

  • Can I use the textures that come with the models on other projects?

    Yes! You can use them on other models and can be rendered on both personal or commercial projects, but you CANNOT resell the textures or package your own models with our textures to sell.

  • Can I use your model in a video game?

    Only if the video game IS private and is NOT open-source. All game developers using our models must be told not to distribute iMeshh models outside of the game development environment.

model request? Or have an issue?


Whats the issue?

If you have a model request, or have any issues then do get in touch. We aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours.
Please tell us your problem in as much detail as possible to allow us to better assist you.

If you’re having trouble getting in touch, please send us an email at: