Why imeshh?


All models are made to the highest quality so you can guarantee they will look great in anyrender


All models are compatible with Blender 2.8 and work right out of the box. Just add them to the scene and hit render.

Corona Render

All our models work with Blender and Corona. Corona render is in our opinion the best render engine for Arch-vis.

Made with Love

Making models is our passion. We strive to make every model better than the last. We sincerely hope you enjoy this pack

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3D Assets

Antique Bench

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Yes! You can cancel any subscription at any time. To do this, go to your “My Account” page and find “Subscriptions” and cancel it from there

For one, all of our tokens are much cheaper if you were to get a subscription.
Not only that, you get full access to our wood textures that are completely free to all subscribers.

Yes, but it depends on the subscription you have chosen.

Basic Subscribers will have tokens that expire after 1 month

Pro Subscribers will have tokens which expire after 3 months

Premium Subscribers will have tokens which expire after 6 months

This feature may be coming out soon, but currently not possible

Not immediately. After you upgrade you will be given the option to either; wait until your usual renewal date to pay the new higher amount and receive your increased amount in tokens, or renew immediately and pay the new higher fee immediately, receive your tokens and start a new renewal cycle from that day.

his option will be in your “My Account” page under “Subscriptions”

Not just yet. This is definitely a feature we are considering if there is enough people asking for it