This pack contains 15 Brushes for add Human Skin microdetails to your realistic characters in Zbrush.

  1. Acne Scars.
  2. Big Cracks Skins.
  3. Bubble Skin.
  4. Bumpy Skin.
  5. Cheek Skin.
  6. Crust.
  7. FingerPrint.
  8. FingerPrint2.
  9. General Use Skin.
  10. Irregular Skin.
  11. Large Skin pattern.
  12. Noisy Skin.
  13. Shoulder/Chest Skin.
  14. Stretch Mark.
  15. Wide Skin pattern.

Tested in Zbrush 2018

Release 2.0 Updates:

  1. All brushes were updated to alpha drag mode to get a better control of size and prevent undesired deformations on the model.
  2. All alpha maps were now included (rounded brush version and quared hard) so you can use this maps on your desired program (Cinema 4D, MudBox, 3d Coat, Modo, Blender and substance painter).
  3. How to install text guide.

Release 1.1

Added 4 new bonus brushes:

  1. Leather style skin brush.
  2. Acne marks brush.
  3. acne pimples brush.
  4. Moles, warts and pimples brush from VDM torso details pack.


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15 Skin Microdetails Brushes + Alphas


15 Skin Microdetails Brushes + Alphas




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