An animated pizza box template created in Blender 2.8

Files included:

Blender file

Illustrator file for texture template


1. To change design, edit the illustrator file, then export as png and overwrite the file inside the tex folder.

2. Open the blender file and press F12 to render.


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Animated Pizza Box Template


Animated Pizza Box Template




Files Collapse (8.25 MB)

  • Illustrator File/
    • Links/
      • uv pizza box.png (104.56 KB)
    • pizza box template Report.txt (1.38 KB)
    • pizza box (8.34 MB)
  • pizza.blend (1.00 MB)
  • tex/
    • pizza-box-template.png (666.26 KB)
    • uv pizza box.png (104.56 KB)