Physically based materials

No matter what light setup do you use, a physically correct material will Always look realistic, under any condition. So if you’ve struggled in the past with parameters tweaking just to have a material looking good ONLY in one scene, then you’ ll see the benefits of having a setup which can be used in any scenario, Always

The complex stuff in the nodes setup has been grouped, leaving out only common input values such as color, roughness, bump size and strength. Of course, you can input your values in numbers, or use an image texture for each one so it can easily fit in your standard workflow

Correct topology

Now, one of the most overlooked aspects of modeling is topology. While for still images it is not mandatory to have absolutely correct topology, it can be a problem when doing animations or low poly subdivisions. Having a clean, correct, flow of face distribution is Always a nice addition and can make life easier when doing videos or exporting the meshes to game engines such as Unity or Unreal. Each model in the collection is made only of quads or tris for cylinder caps

 As lowpoly as you want

Modeling has been done starting from the lowest subdivisions level possible, with subsurface and other modifiers NOT applied to ensure usability in real-time applications, such as walkthrough’s in Unity or Unreal

From eight-sided all the way to infinity!

Neatly organized

Each model is real-world accurate in scale with exact measurements and each object has been conveniently named with descriptive (English) names. Multi-mesh objects have been grouped and parented to an empty for easier manipulation

The collection is split into two files: Render Setup and Meshes Only (with rotation reset and divided into logical layers)


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Archviz Props – Cutlery/Utensils Pack


Collection of photorealistic kitchenware assets, ready to use in architecture renderings 

Archviz Props – Cutlery/Utensils Pack


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