This collection provides you with real-world scale glasses, jars, jugs and bottles. Accurate modeled with correct topology and shapes, according to each kind of glass

All kinds of wine, water, cocktails and whiskey glasses are present (full list in documentation) plus wine and whiskey bottles with corks, jars with covers and a water jug

New glass shader

An all-new glass shader is provided, created just for this collection, with physical properties that match real-world crystal finish and look. While there already are glass shaders on the market, I wasn’t satisfied with any of them, at least when it comes to reproducing crystal glasses such as champagne and wine ones. Usually, you have to overlight the scene to make reflections look good, so I decided to create a new one to match the collection’s purpose

Since the new Blender release is up-and-coming, a native 2.80 file is provided, ready to use

Each object has is own relevant English name, multi-mesh objects are parented (such as bottles and corks) and organized into collections


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Archviz Props – Glassware With Phisically-Based Glass Shader


A complete collection of common glass-objects to populate your kitchen renderings with details

Archviz Props – Glassware With Phisically-Based Glass Shader


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