This material has been specially put together for Cycles and Corona. You can still use the texture maps for other renderers, but you’ll need to set up the shader yourself.

This Cycles and Corona shader has been set up so that puddles are more visible from a lower angle, but it still makes the ground in and around the puddle darker. This should give a far more realistic feel to the material and will help your renders!


Corona users, sometimes the Curve UI node and the ColorRamp node resets on loading (a bug Corona needs to fix), I have supplied an image to show you how they should be set up. It shouldn’t take you 2 seconds to reset it.



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Asphalt Concrete with Puddles

TC-0001 Asphalt PuddlesDownload
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  • TC-0001 iMeshh Asphalt 1/
    • 1k/
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_diffuse 1k.png (2.25 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_glossiness 1k.png (1.17 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_height 1k.png (1.01 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_normal 1k.png (2.88 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_specular 1k.png (6.41 KB)
    • 2k/
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_diffuse 2k.png (8.99 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_glossiness 2k.png (3.56 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_height 2k.png (3.61 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_normal 2k.png (11.52 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_specular 2k.png (20.84 KB)
    • 4k/
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_diffuse 4k.png (103.36 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_glossiness 4k.png (9.49 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_height 4k.png (27.87 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_normal 4k.png (101.69 MB)
      • iMeshh_Asphalt_1_specular 4k.png (140.77 KB)
    • Correct Curve UI and ColorRamp Setup.JPG (41.58 KB)
    • iMeshh Asphalt1.jpg (184.42 KB)
    • iMeshh Asphalt2.jpg (181.39 KB)
    • iMeshh Asphalt3.jpg (290.16 KB)
    • iMeshh Asphalt4.jpg (262.71 KB)
    • TC-0001 iMeshh Asphalt 1 Corona.blend (748.00 KB)
    • TC-0001 iMeshh Asphalt 1 Cycles.blend (654.00 KB)
    • textures/
      • Puddle output Corona.png (640.18 KB)
      • Puddle output.png (706.46 KB)

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