My dusty computer screen inspired me to make a dusty computer screen in 3D. If its too dusty, simply remove the dust nodes from the blender material, or use the colour ramp to adjust the dustiness of the texture files.

Corona lightmix has been added to turn on and off the computer screen during or after render. Turning off the screen reveals the dust on the black glass.

The next time you render something, use that time to clean your screen. I promise you won’t regret it.



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Computer Screen

EO-0001 Office Computer ScreenDownload
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  • EO-0001 Computer Screen/
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen Corona.blend (14.72 MB)
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen Cycles.blend (14.63 MB)
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen DAE.dae (22.90 MB)
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen FBX.fbx (3.17 MB)
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen OBJ.mtl (1.12 KB)
    • EO-0001 Computer Screen OBJ.obj (11.89 MB)
    • OE-0001 Computer Screen 1.png (518.87 KB)
    • textures/
      • Computer screen image.png (377.89 KB)
      • iMeshh dust.jpg (898.00 KB)
      • iMeshh dust2.png (9.59 MB)

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