Contained within the Zip File: 

  • A .Blend created with 2.93LTS With everything inside of it
  • You can just append the model and it’ll come with everything already adjusted
  • Cycles Ready
  • All textures contained within
  • Stitching done
  • Wipe / Dirt maps 

This Nubuck Leather version comes with three color variations based on the real material options for the original Sofa

The textures are 4K And kept at a minimum size to be extremely optimized


The Delphi is an elegant sofa with an expansive feeling. A sensual, streamlined design that captures the essence of simplicity, in a striking aesthetic able to stand out or blend in. The unique curve of the inner armrests at either end is a signature detail. In between is an uninterrupted space for sitting, stretching out or lounging. The low back is aligned with the arms, which gives the sofa a sleek sophistication.


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Delphi Sofa 4511 – Nubuck Leather


Delphi Sofa 4511 – Nubuck Leather



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Delphi4511Nubuck.7z (19.91 MB)

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