low poly base meshes of a dragon and a wyvern.

Each model has polygroups on each subtools for easy posing.

Load them up, scale or pose to your liking and start sculpting!

Perfect to start your dragon on the right path!

Includes :

-2 FBX files

-2 OBJ files

-2 ZPR files 

-2 ZTL files 

The OBJ and FBX files are usable in any 3D software (maya,blender,3dsmax,etc)
The ZPR and ZTL are usable only in Zbrush 2019 or higher

Disclamer : the models are not anatomy references and should not be used as such.

Many of the muscles are simplified and merged for easier use.

Feedback, questions, and updates 


Or by email at Nicolas.swijngedau@gmail.com

License Info

Commercial use of the Brushes/Alphas are permitted but the alphas or brushes themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies etc.


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Dragon + Wyvern Base Meshes


Dragon + Wyvern Base Meshes



3ds Max

Files Collapse

NS_Dragon_BaseMesh-tdjno1.zip (41.10 MB)

  • NS_Dragon_BaseMesh/
    • Dragon/
      • FBX/
        • NS_Dragon_BaseMesh.fbx (7.90 MB)
      • OBJ/
        • NS_Dragon_BaseMesh.OBJ (10.90 MB)
      • Zbrush/
        • NS_Dragon_BaseMesh.ZPR (19.68 MB)
        • NS_Dragon_BaseMeshTool.ZTL (6.67 MB)
    • Wyvern/
      • FBX/
        • NS_Wyvern_BaseMesh.fbx (5.56 MB)
      • OBJ/
        • NS_Wyvern_BaseMesh.OBJ (7.53 MB)
      • Zbrush/
        • NS_Wyvern_BaseMesh.ZPR (12.39 MB)
        • NS_Wyvern_BaseMeshTool.ZTL (4.88 MB)

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