A high detail 3D duffel bag with complete set of fabric textures and worn metal textures on the buckles.

Set up in both Corona and Cycles!

Please note for the buckles:
A current bug causes the Corona ColourRamp to occasionally not fully load. If it is missing its buttons simply remove it, save the file, reload the file and put in a new colour ramp.


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Duffel bag

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CA-0002-Duffle-Bag.zip (185.15 MB)

  • CA-0002 Duffle Bag/
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag Corona.blend (83.46 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag Cycles.blend (83.11 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag Cycles.blend1 (83.11 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag DAE.dae (124.10 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag FBX.fbx (29.36 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag OBJ.mtl (1.84 KB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag OBJ.obj (77.04 MB)
    • CA-0002 Duffle Bag1.png (1.07 MB)
    • textures/
      • Buckle1 gloss.png (248.50 KB)
      • Buckle1 Normal.png (721.31 KB)
      • Buckle1 Spec.png (560.68 KB)
      • Buckle2 Gloss.png (355.10 KB)
      • Buckle2 Normal.png (551.31 KB)
      • Fabric Denim_diffuse1k.png (3.21 MB)
      • Fabric Denim_glossiness1k.png (1.44 MB)
      • Fabric Denim_normal1k.png (5.55 MB)
      • Thick Jeans Weave_diffuse1k.png (2.76 MB)
      • Thick Jeans Weave_glossiness1k.png (1.34 MB)
      • Thick Jeans Weave_height1k Strap.png (5.76 KB)
      • Thick Jeans Weave_normal1k.png (5.21 MB)

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