28 ZBrush VDM eye brushes (with 2 variations for each : with eyeball and without) + 15 insert mesh eyeballs complete kit. 

Another great springboard for ideas – quickly spice up 3D sculpting/designing/concepting, or even augment and change existing sculpts. Included is a Zbrush VDM brush housing all of the 28 eye variations, and a complimentary  ZBrush InsertMultiMesh brush with 15 detailed eyeballs. 

Here is a video demonstrating how I like to use it plus some tips: https://youtu.be/XL9G5k9jJlg

The VDM brush has two variations of each (barring the spider-like eye and “Stalky”). Version A is sculpted with an eyeball in the socket, version B is without this eyeball. For example, “Skul A” is with eyeball, “Skul B” is without. The reason for this is straightforward: some like to quickly see what a particular eye with an eyeball would look like immediately and quickly “browse” through them. Once a particular eye is decided upon, the artist can switch to the socketed version and then use the included eyeball brush to choose an actual sphere to his or her liking.

Please note the three demonstration creature heads are not included.


Made with Zbrush 2019.0


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EYES – 28 Zbrush VDM creature eyes + 15 Eyeballs IMM brush


EYES – 28 Zbrush VDM creature eyes + 15 Eyeballs IMM brush




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