Note: this fabric comes with micro-displacement. Simply unplug it from the shader if you do not want to use it.

The nodes are already set so you can render material out of the box. Just append it to the scene and add it to your model.
It comes with a very custom, high detail fall-off map to create a beautiful and varied sheen which is common on most fabrics.

We have also already baked in some wrinkles into the material so you don’t need to find another wrinkles map and mix it, unless you want it more pronounced

The normal maps and displacement maps are saved out in 16bit to pack in as much data as possible to make it suitable for closeups.

Available in 4k and 8k. Smaller maps currently not available.


The model contains a Zip file, with:

  • .blend file for 2.8+
  • Textures folder containing all relevant textures used on this product
  • Cycles ready Cube which contains the material which you can append into the scene
  • JPGs for Diffuse, Glossiness
  • 16bit High Detail Normal map and Displacement

Great texturing is often left as an afterthought for arch-vis models, that is why we try to ensure most of our products contain some form of dirt map/scratches. You will not be disappointed.


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Fabric Blue and White Diagonal

TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal WhiteBlue 8kDownload
TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal WhiteBlue 4kDownload
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Files Collapse (569.59 MB)

  • TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal WhiteBlue 8k/
    • textures/
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_diffuse_8k.jpg (11.81 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_FallOff_8k.jpg (9.06 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_glossiness_8k.jpg (1.89 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_height8k.png (102.99 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_normal8k.png (441.84 MB)
    • TF-0007 Fabric BlueWhite 2.jpg (958.87 KB)
    • TF-0007 Fabric BlueWhite.jpg (656.34 KB)
    • TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal BlueWhite 8k.blend (3.00 MB) (145.66 MB)

  • TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal WhiteBlue 4k/
    • textures/
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_diffuse_4k.jpg (3.64 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_FallOff_4k.jpg (2.53 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_glossiness_4k.jpg (582.95 KB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_height_4k.png (27.23 MB)
      • Fabric_WhiteBlue_normal_4k.png (109.57 MB)
    • TF-0007 Fabric BlueWhite 2.jpg (958.87 KB)
    • TF-0007 Fabric BlueWhite.jpg (656.34 KB)
    • TF-0008 Fabric Diagonal BlueWhite 4k.blend (3.00 MB)

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