Modern fabric floor lamp, looks slightly like a Chinese lantern if you’re into that sort of thing…


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Floor Lamp 3

FL-0003 Floor Lamp 3Download
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  • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3/
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 Corona.blend (5.00 MB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 Cycles.blend (4.84 MB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 DAE.dae (21.21 MB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 FBX.fbx (15.03 MB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 OBJ.mtl (970.00 B)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 OBJ.obj (12.71 MB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 View1.jpg (127.25 KB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 View2.jpg (612.74 KB)
    • FL-0003 Floor Lamp3 View3.jpg (357.05 KB)
    • Textures/
      • iMeshh Mess Spec.jpg (3.37 MB)
      • iMeshh_LampFabricNormal_2K.png (23.75 MB)
      • iMeshh_LampFabricRoughness_2K.png (7.31 MB)
      • PaintFade1Normal.png (3.56 MB)
      • PaintFade1Roughness.png (1.56 MB)


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