Insert Multi Mesh Brush with four (4) mesh variations for creating hair strands. Single, Double, Triple, and a Double “flyer” mesh for thinner strands. The meshes have decent UVs  (center section will tile), but some stretching is unavoidable due to how the IMM brushes work. Still good enough for some basic texturing and displacements if desired.

Also including two (2) curve falloff profiles (stroke-curve modifiers). One for basic tapered strands; the other for straighter strands good for bangs and straighter hair cuts. Load the curves into the stoke>curve falloff for easy switching between them

Strands within each mesh are easily separated via ZBrush polygroup auto-grouping

After separating into groups use the Move brush with “automasking”>”mask by polygroups“, or use move topological brush, to move the individual strands around for more variation. Perfect for for quickly creating secondary shapes and volumes from larger forms.

Smooth/ sculpt as needed. Also some good results playing with subdivisions and ‘claypolish’.


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Hair Strands 2


Hair Strands 2




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