A hanging bulb ceiling pendant!

Due to the relatively high poly nature of the bulbs, we have made sure that the bulbs are copied as instances to save on RAM and render time. Its not by much but using instances (Alt+D) can help considerably when there are lots of items in the scene.


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Hanging Bulbs Ceiling Light

CP-0017 Hanging Bulb LampDownload
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CP-0017-Hanging-Bulb-Lamps.zip (76.97 MB)

  • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps/
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps Corona.blend (18.11 MB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps Cycles.blend (17.94 MB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps DAE.dae (25.85 MB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps FBX.fbx (5.08 MB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps OBJ.mtl (1.92 KB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps OBJ.obj (49.09 MB)
    • CP-0017 Hanging Bulb Lamps.png (200.55 KB)
    • textures/
      • Bulb Base_Plastic1_BaseColor.png (3.62 MB)
      • Bulb Base_Plastic1_Normal.png (4.91 MB)
      • Bulb Base_Plastic1_Roughness.png (1.66 MB)
      • PaintFade1Normal.png (3.56 MB)
      • PaintFade1Roughness.png (1.56 MB)
      • PaintStokeNormal_2K.png (17.60 MB)
      • PaintStokeRoughness_2K.png (7.09 MB)
      • Thick Jeans Weave_normal1k.png (5.21 MB)