33 ZBrush subtool Monster Mouths & IMM Brush.

A great springboard for ideas – quickly spice up 3D sculpting/designing/concepting, or even augment and change existing sculpts.  Included is a Zbrush insert mesh brush housing all of the jaws, a Zbrush master file with all the jaws as separate subtools (organised and polygrouped),  FBX and OBJ files. These are untextured high poly sculpts. 

All have been decimated as much as possible without sacrificing detail.

Here is a video demonstrating how I like to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFX6xc7Zg7M&feature=youtu.be 

I hope you have as much enjoyment using these as I had in creating them!

Made with Zbrush 2018.1


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JAWS – 33 Monster Mouths ‘n Skulls ZBrush IMM Pack


JAWS – 33 Monster Mouths ‘n Skulls ZBrush IMM Pack




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