Colourful Kettle Set, modeled in Blender rendered in Cycles!  Highest Quality creation for ArchVis, Perfect Quads, Principled Shader materials, can be used in games

The model contains a Zip file, with:

  • .blend file for 2.79 which works perfectly in 2.8, the model still has modifiers to control detail.
  • Textures folder containing all relevant textures used on this product (all royalty-free)


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Kettle Set

KK-0001 Coloured KettlesDownload
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Files Collapse (14.20 MB)

  • KK-0001 Coloured Kettles/
    • KK-0001 Colours Kettles Cycles.blend (9.60 MB)
    • KK-0001 Colours Kettles Cycles.fbx (10.02 MB)
    • KK-0001 View1.jpg (430.30 KB)
    • KK-0001 View2.jpg (517.51 KB)
    • textures/
      • iMeshh Light Surface Imperfection NRM.png (1.08 MB)
      • iMeshh_Smudge.png (576.54 KB)