Lowpoly model of a railway bogie. It is animated and rigged.

Game-ready model:
Mesh data of bogie with no wheel subdivision:

Vertices: 31,345

Polys: 28,869

Mesh data with first subdivision of wheels:
Vertices: 39,025
Polys: 36,269
Mesh was optimally used for a close-up rendering and animations. High resolution textures are used.
Model has:
bogie frame
brake beams, lever, brake shoes
suspensions (8 nos)
journal box

All formats are checked. Model is verfied by importing into unreal engine 4.

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Lowpoly Freight Bogie


Lowpoly Freight Bogie



3ds Max
Unreal Engine

Files Collapse

lowpoly-freight-bogie.zip (1.45 MB)

  • lowpoly freight bogie.blend (5.68 MB)

3d-max.zip (2.57 MB)

  • lowpoly+freight+bogie.max (10.04 MB)

fbx.zip (1.73 MB)

  • lowpoly+freight+bogie.fbx (2.05 MB)

stl.zip (1.14 MB)

  • lowpoly+freight+bogie.stl (3.27 MB)

obj.zip (1.06 MB)

  • lowpoly+freight+bogie.obj (5.15 MB)

unreal-engine.zip (1.80 MB)

  • Lowpoly+freight+bogie.uasset (2.14 MB)

marmoset.zip (2.51 MB)

  • Lowpoly+freight+bogie.tbscene (7.57 MB)

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