A modern looking chair based on the famous “Barcelona chair” design by Mies van der Rohe. 

Albedo, roughness and normal maps included. 

Optimized geometry. Ideal for archviz, AR/VR projects.


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Modern “Barcelona-chair”-inspired 3D model


Modern “Barcelona-chair”-inspired 3D model


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Barcelona-chair-kajffx.zip (18.68 MB)

  • barcelona_chair.fbx (1.17 MB)
  • barc_chair.dae (5.37 MB)
  • barc_chair.glb (8.06 MB)
  • barc_chair.mtl (640.00 B)
  • barc_chair.obj (2.65 MB)
  • barc_chair.stl (1.93 MB)
  • textures/
    • diffuse_chair.png (2.28 MB)
    • normal.png (4.77 MB)
    • roughness.png (1.11 MB)