A modern floor lamp


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Modern Floor Lamp

FL-0006 Modern Gold Floor LampDownload
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FL-0006-Modern-Lamp.zip (41.52 MB)

  • FL-0006 Modern Lamp/
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp 1.png (121.34 KB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp 2.png (276.23 KB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp Corona.blend (14.21 MB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp Cycles.blend (14.13 MB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp DAE.dae (26.02 MB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp FBX.fbx (5.17 MB)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp OBJ.mtl (741.00 B)
    • FL-0006 Modern Lamp OBJ.obj (12.90 MB)
    • textures/
      • Dark Metal rust scratches_glossiness.png (517.10 KB)
      • iMeshh Stainless_Steel_Glossiness.png (1.50 MB)
      • iMeshh Stainless_Steel_normal2k.png (15.68 MB)

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