Hello !

I would like to present a modern wardrobe model.

If you are looking for realistic models for your interior scene, this model is for you. The model has real world dimensions, PBR materials and is detailed, so it will add great quality to your interiors.

If you buy the model, you will recive:

– .blend file with complete model ready to use (made in blender 2.82 and cycles)

– textures pack

– two render images

Verts: 14,542 / Faces: 14,186

This model is also part of complete, ready to render scene, that you can find in my products. Check it out !

Hope you will enjoy it ! Make your arch-viz better.

Please check my other models.


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Modern Wardrobe


Modern Wardrobe




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CL1_wardrobe.zip (29.73 MB)

  • CL1_wardrobe.blend (2.54 MB)
  • CL1_wardrobe.fbx (659.43 KB)
  • CL1_wardrobe.mtl (704.00 B)
  • CL1_wardrobe.obj (1.86 MB)
  • CL1_wardrobe_1.jpg (65.07 KB)
  • CL1_wardrobe_2.jpg (59.29 KB)
  • maps/
    • Wood034_4K_Color.jpg (9.43 MB)
    • Wood034_4K_Normal.jpg (15.03 MB)
    • Wood034_4K_Roughness.jpg (3.49 MB)


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