Have some confidential documents that you want to destroy? Well, this is the shredder for you!

Well… it would be if it was real.

Created via request from a premium iMeshher


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Office Paper Shredder

EO-0003 Paper ShredderDownload
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EO-0003-Paper-Shredder.zip (58.22 MB)

  • EO-0003 Paper Shredder/
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder Corona.blend (18.32 MB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder Cycles.blend (18.15 MB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder DAE.dae (29.82 MB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder FBX.fbx (6.27 MB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder OBJ.mtl (1.80 KB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder OBJ.obj (16.98 MB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder.png (472.99 KB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder2.png (540.39 KB)
    • EO-0003 Paper Shredder3.png (462.19 KB)
    • textures/
      • Plastic_Grain_glossiness 2k.png (2.70 MB)
      • Plastic_Grain_normal 2k.png (25.03 MB)
      • Shredder.png (195.65 KB)

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