An old wooden chair. You can easily adjust the dirt level by adjusting the MixRGB value

Modeled in Blender rendered in Cycles! Highest Quality creation for ArchVis, Great Quads and Principled Shader materials.

The model contains a Zip file, with:

  • .blend file for  2.8+
  • Textures folder containing all relevant textures used on this product (all royalty-free)
  • Cycles Ready
  • FBX Version
  • glTF Version

Great texturing is often left as an afterthought for arch-vis models, that is why we try to ensure most of our products contain some form of dirt map/scratches. You will not be disappointed.


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Old Wooden Chair

SC-0023 Old Wooden ChairDownload
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  • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair/
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair 2.5.jpg (592.67 KB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair 2.jpg (608.34 KB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair 3.jpg (962.21 KB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair.blend (7.39 MB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair.fbx (11.45 MB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair.glb (34.90 MB)
    • SC-0023 Old Wooden Chair.jpg (603.75 KB)
    • textures/
      • Floor Dirt .jpg (2.12 MB)
      • McAlister_Lorne_Duck Egg_diffuse_4k.jpg (2.45 MB)
      • McAlister_Lorne_Duck Egg_Falloff_4k.jpg (836.01 KB)
      • McAlister_Lorne_Duck Egg_glossiness_4k.jpg (539.91 KB)
      • McAlister_Lorne_Duck Egg_normal_4k.jpg (4.93 MB)
      • TWF-0025 Diffuse_Cropped.jpg (15.61 MB)
      • Wood Chair_Base_Color.png (9.99 MB)
      • WoodTiled_diffuse.jpg (1.77 MB)
      • WoodTiled_normal.jpg (4.83 MB)

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