A small baby tree. When its older it wants to be a grand oak tree, but I don’t want to ruin its dreams… It will never be a grand oak tree :'(

PLEASE NOTE: This product uses instanced objects for the tree branches. This means that it uses very little RAM to render compared to its number of polygons.
However, because it uses instances we cannot supply an OBJ file as OBJ does not support instances and the file would be a needlessly large file


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Potted Small Tree

P-0007 Small Potted TreeDownload
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P-0007-Green-Leaf-Tree.zip (113.12 MB)

  • P-0007 Green Leaf Tree/
    • P-0007 Green leaf Tree Corona.blend (10.91 MB)
    • P-0007 Green leaf Tree Cycles.blend (10.77 MB)
    • P-0007 Green leaf Tree DAE.dae (13.25 MB)
    • P-0007 Green leaf Tree FBX.fbx (2.81 MB)
    • P-0007 Green Leaf Tree.png (809.48 KB)
    • P-0007 Green Leaf Tree2.png (700.43 KB)
    • textures/
      • Dirt_Simple.jpg (297.90 KB)
      • Dirt_Simple[2].jpg (300.93 KB)
      • Dirt_Simple[3].jpg (343.58 KB)
      • First_Wood_basecolor.png (26.17 MB)
      • First_Wood_Glossiness.png (4.28 MB)
      • First_Wood_normal.png (24.83 MB)
      • Pot_iMeshh Simple Ceramic 2_Diffuse.png (11.01 MB)
      • Pot_iMeshh Simple Ceramic 2_Glossiness.png (4.86 MB)
      • Pot_iMeshh Simple Ceramic 2_Normal.png (20.53 MB)
      • SmallLeafDiffuse.png (7.94 MB)
      • SmallLeafMask.png (226.81 KB)

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