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We put together a simple yet effect scene to help you render your 3D products. Only comes with the simple glass chair and not the other chairs in the thumbnails. They are just to show what renders you can make with this setup.

There are 3 lights which help make the object pop.

  • Fill light – This creates a nice soft light over the whole object
  • Key light – This creates a sharper light highlighting another part of the object, usually at roughly a 90-degree angle to the Fill light
  • Backlight – This adds extra lighting to the back of the object making a nice soft glow coming from the back

Feel free to adjust the positions and brightness of the lights and cameras to suit your product.

Not only that, there is a disk on the floor that has a transparent gradient leading off onto a pure white background. This gives the impression of an infinity backdrop, this a is much faster rendering method because the background is transparent.
The white background comes from the compositing window. A cool trick here is to pick out a prominent colour of the object you’re rendering and use that colour for the floor and background. But white is usually a great choice.

All cameras have slight depth of field activated but don’t use this too strongly unless you’re planning to do much closer shots.

Please keep in mind the angle of the cameras here, this camera angle allows the buyer to see most of the product without any obstructions. Then, you can add additional beauty shots to the product listing if you feel like it.


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Product Lighting Scene

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