Hello !

I would like to present real foliage node for your models.

What does it mean ?

Leaves in real world have three colors: 
1 – front color
2 – back color (brighter and a bit desaturated than front)
3 – translucency (more yellowish and saturated than front)
This shader use all three colours, without your work. 

You don’t have to search and use PBR textures – you need just ONE leaf texture.

How it works ?

Easy. Load your leaf texture, connect it with diffuse, glossy and bump slot, alpha texture (if need) to alpha slot and … finish ! 

It works really good. 

Why you should not use PBR textures ?

Most time when you are creating scenes, your plants (interior and exterior) are far from camera, and you never see leaf details. You see just green objects, right ? So, why load 3,4 or 5 textures to your scene ? Waste of time.

But ! If you want create close-up render of your plant, you want see details. But still you don’t need PBR textures. One texture makes great work. Try ! 

With this shader you can:

1 – easy change hue, saturation and brightnes of your leaf (back side and translucency created automatically)

2 – easy change translucency strenght,

3 – easy change glossy strenght,

4 – easy change bump strenght.

5 – easy add alpha map.


Hope you will enjoy it ! Make your arch-viz better.

Please check my other models.


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Real foliage node


Real foliage node




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