Square leather floor sofa.

Unique crease lines creating a very stylish pattern throughout the sofa.


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Square Leather Floor Sofa


LS-0002 BrownFloorSofaLeatherDownload
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LS-0002-Leather-Square.zip (202.59 MB)

  • LS-0002 Leather Square/
    • LS-0000 Leather Square Corona.blend (39.77 MB)
    • LS-0000 Leather Square Cycles.blend (39.73 MB)
    • LS-0000 Leather Square DAE.dae (53.45 MB)
    • LS-0000 Leather Square FBX.fbx (16.18 MB)
    • LS-0000 Leather Square OBJ.mtl (748.00 B)
    • LS-0000 Leather Square OBJ.obj (31.89 MB)
    • textures/
      • Leather_basecolor.png (82.64 MB)
      • Leather_normal.png (21.21 MB)
      • Leather_roughness.png (23.50 MB)
      • Leather_roughness4.png (5.41 MB)

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