dreA nice and simple white dresser which will fit into most rooms

Blender shape keys are included in this model to easily open/close a couple of drawers


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White Dresser

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SD-0002-White-Dresser-Unit.zip (38.11 MB)

  • SD-0002 White Dresser/
    • SD-0002 White Dresser Corona.blend (5.06 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser Cycles.blend (5.02 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser DAE.dae (14.81 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser FBX.fbx (1.40 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser obj.mtl (634.00 B)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser obj.obj (3.32 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser.png (410.28 KB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser2.png (1.09 MB)
    • SD-0002 White Dresser3.png (675.84 KB)
    • textures/
      • iMeshh_Stripe_Fine_wood_glossiness.png (6.09 MB)
      • iMeshh_Stripe_Fine_wood_normal_1 VAR2.png (20.60 MB)

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